Various schools exist that educate young mages. The goal of these schools is to:

1: Install a code of ethics into future mages.

2: Teach how to safely use magic.

3: Share knowledge on magic.

4: Create connections and bonds between the future mages.

5: To keep track of potential troublemakers.

Vatican and the Catholic Church: The Catholic Church is the biggest magical organisation in the world. Long active for hundreds of years, it is a religious hub for mages and non-mages alike. The Catholic Church has two goals:

1: To find solid proof of the Holy Trinity and Heaven.

2:To install morals into humanity, and protect the greater good.

Private Organisations: Many private organisations exist for atheistic mages to safely learn the magic arts. Perhaps a government or company. These organisations usually have a hidden agenda, whether it be good or bad.

Cults: Religions other than Christianity that teach their followers magic and the way of their gods. Many cults exist that worship the Demons.

Familial Schools: Private families will sometimes not allow their young mages to attend magical schools, and instead teach them everything they know privately.

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