Magic is a tool used by humanity to alter the code of the universe. Magic has always appeared when certain crisis appeared that required it. Then, the person who acquired that magical talent would procreate. As such, magical bloodlines were created. After so many years of procreation and new magical powers arising, every single human on Earth can use "magic".

However, in order to use magic one must first have enough inner talent to be able to even use the simplest spells. If someones' magic blood is too dilute, their magical powers won't arise. However, magical talent can always spike up in a generation as a mutation.

A mage always has a dominate magical trait, and they will always do best in that branch of magic than the rest. However, if one trains enough, they can balance out their skill in all sorts of magic. However, for some reason every mage can use Arcane magic to some degree. If one's dominate trait is in the Arcane, than they will do noticeable better than one who isn't.

Types of magic:

-Elemental. Mages in this talent can manipulate fire, earth, wind and water to do their bidding.

-Mental. Mages in this talent can use telekinesis, truthseeking, projection and telepathy.

-Internal: Mages in this talent can enhance their bodily functions.

-Arcane. Mages in this talent can use necromancy, demonology, animation, Illusion and miracles.

-Mutation: Mages in this talent can use special types of magic that are generally quite unknown.

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