Whether from selective breeding, religion, or some other reason, magic has also created special creatures.

Diseases, such as Lycanthropy and Vampiracy cause normal humans to become special half-beings.

When beings of some amount of magical talent die, they have the potential to become Zombies and Ghosts. Their body becomes a hungry, cannibalistic being with no brain. Their soul leaves the body with the brain intact.

Beings like the Minotaur and Mermaids are half-creatures by birth, an inhuman offspring of mages and animals.

Some beings have yet to be proven real. Beings such as Gods, Dragons and Aliens have yet to be fully identified, however the Demons swear to the Gods' existence. And we have proof of Drakes, a smaller version of what looks like a Dragon.

Beings like the Pegasus, Chimera and Manticore are creatures created from mages weaving magic into animals when breeding, creating new species.

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